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We supply all the equipment necessary for you to use during your training sessions. Once you are sure you want to be a paraglider pilot its best for you to get your own gear as soon as possible in order to get the feel for it. There are many manufacturers of paragliders and they may have different characteristics.


1 or 2 day Introductory Course - $270.00**or $490.00**


This course is designed to give you a taste of the sport of paragliding. During this course you will learn about the equipment, ground handling techniques, and you will probably take your first solo flights ! The goal of this course is to get your feet off the ground so you can experience the joy of flying. If you  pay for and begin your P2 course within the two weeks immediately following your introductory course the fee may be credited towards the P2 course.


Novice Certification Course for your P2 rating - $2,500.00** or $3,200.00** if you have your own equipment.

$300.00 may be credited towards the purchase of a NEW paraglider from us!


The P2 course is the course you need to become a USHPA certified pilot and will take you through all the required ground school and flight training you need to fly on your own without direct instructor supervision. The training process will start out similar to the Intro Course then go beyond to develop your skills and knowledge about flying. This course will include comprehensive ground school on paragliding flight, weather, reserve parachutes, equipment, risk management, and other related topics. With this course you will receive a reference book, study manual, and pilot log book. This is a 14 day course - these are flying days that include a 8hr ground school day. We have found that with "consecutive daily" instruction most can complete their course in 10-14 days and get 4-6 hours of airtime! Instruction taking longer than 30 days may require additional $200.00 daily fees. Additional fees will be charged if training continues into the next flying season if you are beyond the 30 day period. (flying season is May1st to Sept 30th.) It's Your responsibility to show up on training days!


Pilot Tune Ups, Re-certifications - $235.00** day Mon-Fri $295.00** day Sat-Sun


Feeling a little rusty, been grounded for too long and want to get back into the air safely? Spending a day with us will get you all fired up and feeling good about flying again! We work with you at your pace to improve your skills and confidence! Were you a pilot in the past but it's been over 5 years since you flew? We recommend a re-certification program with us before returning to active flying- its almost the complete P2 course condensed to save you time and money.


**Additional 4 % processing fee added to payment by Credit card.

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